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Effective Communication Skills

Create the right impression for callers and improve your service desk communication skills.

Who is it for?
Let's face it, you know your stuff. You know the ins and outs about what you are supporting. But what do you know about telephone answering techniques, effective questioning or how to deal with an irate customer? This course is designed for everyone who communicates directly with customers in a first-line internal or external customer service and support environment.

What is it about?
This course is about how to present a professional image of your organisation through effective customer communication. It shows you how to build rapport through the appropriate use of tone and empathy and how to effectively handle difficult situations and people. Essentially, this is a course that ensures every customer has an excellent experience and leaves with a good impression of your service desk.

What will I get out of it?

  • An appreciation of what it feels like to be on the other end of poor, good and excellent customer service
  • Assertive and persuasive communication skills
  • The ability to effectively and efficiently manage calls, emails and other forms of customer communication such as IM and SMS
  • Techniques for handling difficult situations and frustrated or aggressive customers professionally and calmly
  • An understanding of how to handle complaints effectively and positively
  • Self-development through enhanced personal communication style and skills
  • The ability to help your customers the first time they call and reduce the need for repeat calls
  • Happy customers!

Course overview

  • Behaviours for effective communication - professional standards for the service desk and behaviours to ensure you present the right image and style
  • Verbal and visual communication skills
  • Active listening and effective questioning skills
  • E-mail, instant messaging and SMS etiquette and management
  • Call control, management and documentation processes
  • Call backs and status updates
  • Effective techniques for dealing successfully with different types of people
  • Handling difficult situations and customers effectively

Download the course details and full course overview here

Amazing value for money
In-house is an extremely cost-effective method of developing staff. For example a group of 10 can take a course for as little as £160 per person, per day - an incredible saving on individual public courses.

Full Day

SDI corporate members: £1,600 + VAT

Non members: £1,795 + VAT

Find out more
Find out how you can raise your team's communication skills so they can be the best at what they do. Please contact a member of our training team on +44 (0)1689 889100 to discuss your needs or email us at

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