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Monday 25th September 2017

Location: Birmingham

Price: £1811, Member price: £1630

4 day course

About this Course

The SDM qualification course is designed for existing and aspiring service desk managers and supervisors who wish to develop their understanding of service desk management practices and build a set of management skills. It is suitable for those with at least three years experience in a service desk environment and provides a thorough understanding of, and qualification in, the twelve core areas of service desk management.

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Our Trainers

SDI courses are delivered by experienced tutors who combine service desk knowledge and experience with the latest learning techniques. That's why we are the choice of so many of the UK and Europe's most successful service desks. 

Here are our current trainers:

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Tony is an authorised trainer and accredited quality auditor of the Service Desk Institute. 
He has over 30 years of customer facing service management experience within the IT support industry. He has held a range of key roles which have required a combination of result focused management techniques, facilitator, auditor and project management skills.
Tony is an authorised trainer and accredited quality auditor of the Service Desk Institute. Over the past six years he has travelled extensively to deliver SDI training courses and conduct Service Desk Certification audits to SDI’s global standards of best practice.