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What will I get out of it?

Membership of SDI connects you with the best and the brightest in your industry. It makes staying up-to-date with the latest thinking, reports, magazines and newsletters easy. It also gives you exclusive opportunities to meet your peers and network completely free of charge.

Overview of Packages

SDI membership packages offer a variety of benefits so you can choose the level that's right for you and your service desk. Here's a quick overiew:

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Connect With The Industry

  • Regular networking with peers at free Experience Events
  • SDI Annual Conference

Enhance Your Knowledge

  • Advice helpline
  • Brand new service desk report every month
  • Unlimited access to the SDI information library containing hundreds of service desk specific reports, templates and guides
  • 'Benchmark Buddy' service
  • Webinars

Return On Investment

  • Big savings!
  • Free event places
  • Discounts on SDI qualifications
  • Discount on training courses - public and in-house
  • Place your service desk job vacancy ads for FREE!

SDI Membership package options

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Be Involved

  • Service Desk Training

    Senior Analyst to Team Leader

    15 - 16 May, Birmingham

  • Service Desk Training

    Service Desk Manager

    15 - 18 May, Kent

  • Service Desk Training

    Service Desk Analyst

    12 - 14 June, Birmingham

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